Le Reve Kids Design Challenge 2020


Le Reve Kids Design Challenge 2020: Rules & Regulations: 

  1. The participating kid must be a permanent citizen of Bangladesh.
  2. The kid must be between the ages of 4 to 12 years.
  3. This challenge will be conducted in 2 categories.

Category 1: (Children Group A- 4-8 Yrs.)

Themes to draw:

  • Numbers and letters (Bengali or English)
  • Fruit
  • Favorite cartoon/animation character

Category 2: (Children Group B- 8-12 Yrs.)

Themes to draw:

  • Aerospace or Galaxy
  • Superheroes of my imagination
  • My favorite place in my area
  1. The Clean image should be mailed to the jpg/png format at – care.lereve@gmail.com
  2. Image should be clear and free of pixilation (Parents can help taking the clear blur free images)
  3. The kids 1 single picture must be attached with the Painting Images
  4. The subject of the mail should be written in: Le Reve Kids Design Challenge
  5. The email body must include:
  • Category name:
  • Kid’s full name:
  • Age:
  • Name of mother and father:
  • Full contact address and mobile number:
  • Photo name/caption and medium:
    i.e.  Painting name: Mango
    Medium: Watercolor/Poster/Pastel
  1. One can send maximum 3 images. For example, Kid can draw the highest 3 pictures according to 3 subjects. However, all pictures and photo descriptions need to be attached in one single mail.
  2. The picture should be painted by the kid himself. The picture should only be painted for this challenge.
  3. The kid’s painting can be sent by taking photo’s/scanning. But it cannot be edited or manipulated in any way.
  4. Participation in this Challenge will be considered as a consent by parents to Le Reve to use the Kids picture by Le Reve anytime, anywhere.
  5. Last date to submit the Image: 25th April 2020, 5.00pm
  6. Le Reve will publish the Image on its official Facebook page. Three winners will be selected combining Facebook likes, comments, shares, and opinions from our design experts’ panel.
  7. 3 winners will get to see their painting in our next collection. And they will receive a special gift from Le Reve!
  8. Prizes:
    1st Winner: TK5000 Gift Voucher
    2nd Winner: TK3000 Gift Voucher
    3rd Winner: TK 2500 Gift Voucher
  1. Le Reve reserves the right to terminate this challenge at any time, to extend the time or to change any condition without prior notice.

Are you ready to accept the Challenge? Let your kid’s vibrant imagination flow through Le Reve!


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